Lodge Anima 1223 John Morrison History

Brother John Morrison joined Lodge Anima Glasgow 1223 on the year 1968. He went into his first office as Junior Steward, he then went on to progress through the office's. Then on 1973-74 he went into the chair of the Lodge. Brother John has continued to work hard for the Lodge. And for the last five years he has been the Director Of Ceremonies for Lodge Anima. Brother John continues to work as hard as ever for the Lodge and for that we thank him. On Saturday the 11th of February 2012 Bro. John stayed as the Lodge D.O.C. On Saturday the 9th of February Bro. John Continues to be Director of Ceremonys and we look forward to you doing that office with the Dignity you always do John.On the 8th of February 2014/18 Bro.John is still D.O.C

Office for 2019-20 Director of Ceremonie's

John Morrison PM