Lodge Anima 1223 Gavin Stewart History

Brother Gavin G Stewart joined Lodge Anima Glasgow on 21st January 1973. He progressed through the offices before becoming Master of the Lodge, for the first time, in the year 1978/79. He served as Treasurer of the Lodge from 1981 to 2003, before again becoming Master of the Lodge in the year 2003/2004. Bro George A.L McEwen, Provincial Grand Master of Glasgow, commissioned him as a Substitute Provincial Grand Master on 31st November 1994; and he served the Province faithfully until 3rd November 1999, before relinquishing his commission to pursue his career as a Civil Servant. He was awarded the Honorary Grand Rank of Assistant Treasurer on 25th November 2003. Brother Gavin has also received Honorary Membership of the following Lodges: Lodge Athole No 413; Lodge Blythswood No 817; Lodge Alexandra No 1282; Lodge The Kings Park No 1386; and Lodge Toryglen No 1561. Bro Gavin Retired as a Senior Civil Servant in May 2011 and was awarded an O.B.E. in Queens 2012 Birthday Honours List. He was re-commissioned, as a Substitute Provincial Grand Master on 31st November 2014, by Provincial Grand Master Bro James C. Peddie, and is presently in the second year of his five year commission. He currently holds the office of Worshipful Junior Warden of the Lodge (2016/17). 2017/18 Tyler 2018/19

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