Lodge Anima 1223 Photo Gallery

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Album old Past Masters
Visit to Anima London
2010 Installation
Gavin Stewart
RWM of Lodge Anima London
Lodge Anima Glasgow 1223 Brethern
Old Masters   London Visit    
2012 Installation

Bro. Paul Macdonald RWM
  2014 Installation
RWM 2014
Bro. Andrew Warnock RWM

2017 Installation2017 InstaBro. William G.Mathers

Bro Michael Macdonald RWM 2018


R.W.M 2019 Bro. Andrew C Mc. Warnock Installation Below

Installation from 9th of February 2019 RWM Bro. Andrew Warnock



Past Master
Bro.Gavin G.Stewart

At Buckingham Palace recieving his O.B.E