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BrothDavid's Masonic career has been short, being initiated in 2010. After being put through his 3 degrees, he was appionted to the office of Chaplin in 2011.  He was installed as inner guard in 2012 and was installed as Senior Deacon in 2013.  He hopes to continue enjoying Freemasonry and progress through the offices of lodge Anima.On Saturday the 9th of February Bro. David went into the office of W.S.D We know Bro. David will progress through his masonic career and one day be a great Master. And that is a day we all look forward to we wish David a great Masonic career and a great year to follow.On the 8th of February 2014 Bro. David went into the office of W.J.W February 2015 saw Bro. David take the Chair in the Lodge. 2016 IPM 2017 as WSW 2018 Bro. David became Lodge Chaplain.

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