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Bro. Bryan Ferguson was initiated into Lodge The Kings Park 1386 in 1977 and went through his 3 degrees.  He was Installed in his 1st office (Senior Steward) in 1978. He then progressed through the offices and was installed as RWM in 1984 by lodge Anima's Bro. Gavin Stewart.  Bro. Gavin also installed him in the chair again in 1987.
Bryan then affiliated to lodge Anima and took offices as required and became RWM in 2001 and remained in the chair for 2002. Bro. Bryan has continued to support Lodge Anima in his years in the Lodge. Bro. Bryan went into the office of Inner Guard on Saturday the 9th February 2013 he says he will continue to do what he does for the lodge and for that we thank him.On the 8th of February 2014 Bro. Bryan went into the office of Tyler. Brother Bryan has been the Depute master since 2015 till present day 2017. 2018 saw Bro Bryan become Substitute Master

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